Submission Guidelines

Feel free to write your heart out in this blog. However, please keep your thoughts limited to religious/ inter-religious/socio religious (all of this includes atheism) ranting only. Personal entries pertaining to your dating nightmares or family trauma are not welcome. You can also submit newspaper clippings, poetry/lyrics on God/Godlessness, extracts from religious/secular texts, personal opinions on a text/religious issue (but please make sure you know what you are writing about), personal incidences which proved to be a religious turning point etc.The Community aims towards improving interfaith relationships. Please keep this foremost in your mind while writing. Any post that is deemed inciting will be prompltly deleted. You may discuss evil happening in the name of religion, you may disagree with a religious text, you may condemn a religious practise but all of this must be done in a mature and civil manner.

To become an author on the blog, all you have to do is leave your e-mail id at and we will get back to you!

p.s-We love our infidels as much as our belief-filled brethren and therefore all requests for their crucifiction will be flushed out along with the fanatics.