Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Meditation proves we are ONE!

Have you ever meditated? Yes? Just continue to read. No? Ask somebody who does, better ask people with different faith and then read this.

I meditate and this is my experience. It generally starts with a good thought or an image. In my religion (Hinduism), it's recommended to think of some phrase (like Om or Bramha or Om Namah Shivay). I am sure similar for other religions too. So we start our meditation being religious. Have you noticed what happens after 5 minutes? Or 10 minutes or 15 minutes or an hour for some of you? You forget the phrase. You forget the image. The thought disappears and what you find in place? Blank! Silence! Space! That's the second level of meditation and this experience doesn't discriminate people. Everybody can have any experience independent of their faith. Doesn't this prove we are ONE?

Not sure? Try meditating if you haven't done for a while or learn if you don't know how to. No need to take a course or buy a book-just ask somebody who does. Experience the ONEness and share with others.


  1. Impressive. I wish if I had succeeded in my meditation efforts.

  2. Well, idea of creation and Creator being the one is ridiculous, I meditate most of the time and I reach on only one conclusion, there is *nothing* like me in world, so I should learn to live with this ever so unique world.


  3. Can we compare meditation with the activities we routinely do?

    For example, when we type using the keyboard, we concentrate on each of the letter keys and once we are used to it, we do not even that there is a keyboard between us and the computer!

    I should have taken the example of driving...

  4. Would you would elaborate on "oneness" because as it is I do not understand your claim meditation proves our oneness. That's a topic of much thought on my blog. I have put this same expectation on myself to elaborate while remaining fundamental and clear on the subject. Looking forward to your elaboration.