Monday, January 17, 2011

Compassion, and ethics.

I remember a journey, a journey from the hills of Darjeeling, to the foothills of Siliguri. Roads are narrow, and you would also hear occasional "thank you", among the drivers there. Everyone is so filled with compassion, and everyone ready to make room for the others, seeing the time and place. Its an unsaid protocol, not a rule as such, no enforcement of this rule, but still this protocol is followed without fail. In a road so narrow there is an understanding between drivers there, about who should wait and who should go, and they do it with a smile in their face. The traffic runs smoothly despite such rough terrain, and also difficult roads to tread. The tiring journey often becomes less tiring due to this friendly attitude among the people there. There is a perfect harmony, no conflict as such among people. The ego as such is shunned as far as the driving business is concerned, and hence this compassion and harmony. Language also has a great role to play on this, and this sweet language of people, also melt hearts, and encourage them to help others.

Now lets have a look at our city of Joy, Kolkata. Roads are wide, and hell lot of vehicles ply. But that compassion is missing. People out here are just bothered about reaching their destination early rather than, showing some discipline. Rules are enforced on people, while in the former case, no enforcement is done, people simply follow it. You can often hear occasional scowls out here between commuters, and drivers. And they don't mind bringing each others family in between shouting filthiest of abuses to each other. Why? The other wanted to overtake, but due to some reason he could not. Where would he vent his anger? Obviously on the driver of the other car. There is noise, and negativity all around, people fighting over each other for room, which sometimes also lead to disastrous situations, like accidents, only to harden people up. That compassion fast losing ground, what you hear are loud scowls.

Why is it that city folks are so much away from this compassion, this discipline in their lives, despite so much enforcement by the law? Why is it that they are becoming more selfish, while the contrast is seen in former case. We need to think for once, that is the development, or say the financial development of any use whatsoever? Or is the development superficial? Are people becoming more mechanical in this race, that they are losing their compassion. While you see that the people of small towns are more content, and happy, despite having less than the city folks. Why such an attitude, such a lifestyle has developed into city life? Too, much of stress, or is education all about finding a means to earn money? Isn't it time, that we have a look on how sweet words like "thank you" and "please", often a sign of chivalry, can help to being a change in the mood of people. How would it be if you going to office fine day, and you make room for a car which is in a hurry, and a sweet "thank you", is heard from the other side. I think it will surely make your day. And what if something opposite happens, what if you hear a scowl? Well, well, the day is ruined? Isn't it?

Why morality, language and ethics, are fast losing ground with the urban folk? Is development coming at a cost? Are we forgetting that we all are human beings, who should have compassion as the best medicine for all our woes, then why is there hatred around? Something really needs to change, should it not?

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