Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Nine months of pain and patience
Then bearing me with joy and pride
Cherished when I smiled and laughed
Embraced me when I cried

Watched me taking my very first step
And whatever, first time, I tried
Patted my back when I succeeded
When failed, you were always beside

Fed me well, took my best care
Protected me whenever I needed
Brought me up with care and passion
With values, you got me beaded

Hid my mistakes from others
But gently helped me overcome
Publicized even my smallest deed
As if I was always awesome

When I got sick, or into trouble
As an Angel, you’ re always there
You spent sleepless nights
My pain and sorrows, to share

You never complained or retaliated
Whenever to you, I got unjust
Found some reason not to doubt
Even there you showed your trust

Unlucky me, how did I move
Thousands of miles from you
Chose a career and living so far
Why I chose this fate undue

Still I am positive and optimistic
Things are going to change
Will surely be together always
The destiny will sure arrange

Today is something very special
I want, I wish, and I pray
To be with you again forever
Wish you a happy mother’s day

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